Bath salts for gift marc Deliex
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Bath salts for gift marc Deliex

Bath salts for gift marc Deliex

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Bath salts for gift marc Deliex

Customized cards will only be free if the total quantity exceeds 24 units, in case of a lower number they will not be made unless you buy the additional cards separately.

Enjoy with a relaxing and lovely bath with foam and this great salt after a strong day, because you deserve it and.. There are better way for finish your day?

New line of cosmetic "Elegance" with the marc Deliex.

The bath salt are utililised from long time, it was used for the saltwater for treat diferents illness, immersing to the people in the sea wather.

It has got propiety very good for the health, the circulation for the blood and alleviate very pain of the body. Purify the skin and cleanse the pores of toxins.

  • Format: 35 ml
  • Measurement: 4 cm widht x 6 cm high x 2.5 cm depth.
  • Material: plastic

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