Shower gel and bath salt Deliex
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Shower gel and bath salt Deliex

Shower gel and bath salt Deliex

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Shower gel and bath salt Deliex

Careful! The personalized cards only be free if the total amount is exceeds the 24 units, in the event of smaller number will not be executed unless that you buy the add-oncard separately

This set mark Deliex incluyed:

- Shower gel: Of the same mark, it will help for to care your skin and for prevent against brusqueness

- Baht salt: Do you want relaxing with a good bath? This is the best way! with our fantastic bath salt. Too, it has good property for the healt, activing the circulation of the blood, to reduce the tension of the muscular and alive the body pain.

All this, accompany for the beautifull organza bag in white for to keep yours details and keeping the view a beautifull presentation. Perfect for to gift to your guest in events, communion and wedding or each other events..

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