Small chest maps with gel and shampoo for guests
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Small chest maps with gel and shampoo for guests

Small chest maps with gel and shampoo for guests

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Small chest maps with gel and shampoo for guests

Careful! The personalized cards only be free if the total amount is exceeds the 24 units, in the event of smaller number will not be executed unless that you buy the add-oncard separately

Ojo: las tarjetas personalizadas solo serán gratis si la cantidad total supera las 24 unidades, en caso de un número inferior no se realizarán a menos que compres las tarjetas adicionales por separado.

  • Trunk of dark wood, decorated with a map of the world that evelopment. With a elegant fastener, perfect for to keep each gift like jam, little jar of cheese, pates... One details that wouldn't to nobody.
  • Shower Gel Deliex: Care for your skin with argan oil, produce a nice sensation, nutrition, hidratation and it give a incredible sensation of well-being for make your skin soft and smooth for start the day of the best way possible.
  • Shampoing Deliex: Care for your hair, generate a incredible sensation of well-being for do your hair strong for yours property of soja and jojoba.

This trunk can be utilise like jewellery box.

Measurement external:

  • Long: 9.3 cm
  • Widht: 6.4 cm
  • High: 6.5 cm

Warnings: Any variant in the color or drawing, as well as in the carving are due to the creation of these articles by hand, only the return of the articles will be accepted in cases in which they are seen to be broken or affected.

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