Trunk maps little of herb for details
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Trunk maps little of herb for details

Little trunk with miniature herbs liquor

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Detail liquor herbs 5 cl inside of the trunk of map little.

The originality is important, presents in your wedding this vintage trunk with one miniature herbs liquor inside, one detail very economic and the mos important is that your guest will be surprise with this.

  • Wooden trunk: trunk of wood with maps, one desing very vintage that will be ideal with another one decoration or for each use that you want, in this case we presented like detail for guest with one beautifull bottle of liquor of herbs inside. Measurement 9.3 cm (long) x 6.4 cm (weidth) x 6.5 cm (high).

  • Liqueur of herbs: Characteristic for its aroma and flavor, this herbal liquor is made by a maceration process of approximately 3 months from pomace brandy and a selection of 33 different plants, are responsible for its peculiar bright yellow-greenish color and aroma Wild to menthol and citrus. Bottle capacity 5 cl, measures 8.3 cm (height) x 3.7 cm (width), alcoholic strength: 30% VOL.

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