Pot with petunia seeds. Biodegradable.
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Pot with petunia seeds. Biodegradable.

Pot with Petunias seeds.

Make your organic garden with these small biodegradable pot with growing substrate.

Contains two pots.

Measurements: x 6.2 x cm | 6.5 Ø | 45 gr.

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Detail to give a petunia pot.

The container from which the plant blooms is biodegradable and easy to sow. You just have to put the seeds in the ground and stir slightly so that they are covered, with your help adding a little water and the growing substrate you will see how in a few days your plant will flower.

Pots with Petunia seed in a nature line pot and in various colors.

You will surely love it on any occasion.

Biodegradable planter.

Technical details: x 6.2 x cm | 6.5 Ø | 45 gr.

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