110 Pai Pai with Organza Bag and Personalized Card | Event Gifts
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110 Pai Pai with Organza Bag and Personalized Card | Event Gifts

Pai Pai for Weddings, with Organza Bag and Card

Detail for ladies, guests, guests at weddings, details for major events and fairs.

There are many situations in which you can give these Pai pai to your guests, clients or friends in meetings.

This pack is composed of:

  • 110 Country Country: Usually shipped in assorted colors.
  • 110 Organza bags: elegant, semi-transparent in white.
  • 110 Custom Cards: Suitable for any type of event.
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Pai Pai pack.

The details are all in events such as weddings, some more special meeting or an expected party. This pack is perfect for guest gifts, souvenir gifts for ladies, ceremony attendees. Because weddings are unique events that you enjoy with your family and friends and you want all the details to be ready, as this Pai pai pack helps put the finishing touch on that day.

It is a practical and elegant detail that everyone will value, especially in the hot summer months.

The perfect time to give this pack is during the ceremonies or give it to the guests as a gift of appreciation for the assistance. It also favors your presentation by carrying the translucent organza bag in white and the personalized card.

What is a pai pai? A pai pai is a traditional Japanese fan, foldable and in this case made with PVC paper and plastic. It has measures 24 cm in diameter and 25 cm open. It is light and easy to carry.

Organza bag: Organza bags are mainly used to present details and gifts in an elegant way. You can deduct the article inside, although having its white color is semi-transparent. The measures are 11 x 20 cm, perfect to house the fan inside. In the upper part it has a tape in the same color to seal the detail.

Cards: Choose the personalized card with the details of the event. We have some models designed by us among the images, you can choose one of those that we propose or send us your own designs. If you want a model of ours, just indicate the card number and the text you want to appear.

It contains 110 units of each of the items.

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