Wine set in a wooden box
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Wine set in a wooden box

A great gift that will accompany you at dinners and special celebrations. An elegant wooden box containing essential utensils to treat wine, a great gift that you should not miss out on!

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Wine set in a wooden box

A great gift for wine lovers. An elegant wooden box with all the necessary tools to drink a good wine in the right way. 

This elegant box, with its rustic and clean design, is framed as a gift that you will love. With a bamboo exterior finish that gives it its characteristic colour, its interior also stands out, as it has foam die-cut in the shapes of the utensils. This improves both its presentation and storage. 

Inside you will find three perfect utensils for handling wine. A corkscrew to open them, a dispenser to regulate the wine and a drip collector to clean the bottle. 

To finish off its presentation, the case is presented in a cardboard box that protects it as well as giving it a better presentation. An ideal gift that will be loved together with a good bottle of wine, don't let it pass you by!


16 x 4.9 x 10 cm | 295 gr.

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