Company basket Detail with Tiara Wines and combination of Pates with Cheese Creams
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Company basket Detail with Tiara Wines and combination of Pates with Cheese Creams

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Buy gift basket Company with Tiara Wines and combination of Pates with Cheese Creams

The perfect gift for friends, family, friends, colleagues or workers. The best possible option, because it is practical and useful.

Company batch content

Lot for gourmet detail highlighted with selection of Tiara wines, gourmet pats from La Chinata and cream cheese Deliex cake.

Bottle of Tiara Tinto Tempranillo 75 cl

Tradition with grape variety Eva de Los Santos. It is a wine from the Land of Extremadura. A fleshy red and certainly distinguished. It comes in crystal.

✅ At sight: Red color of livid glitters.
✅ To taste: It is between tannin and acid.
✅ To smell: aroma of red fruits, licorice and balsamic plants.

Semi Sweet White Tiara Wine Bottle 75 cl

Variety of grapes Eva de Los Santos de Maimona, exclusive of this land. A wine called as from the Land of Extremadura, which thanks to its climatic conditions make this wine a product of demonstrable quality. The bottle is made of glass.

✅ At sight: yellowish color of greenish sheen.
✅ To taste: Combine sweet and sour.
✅ To smell: aroma of fruit, such as grapefruit, apple and exotic fruits.

Lobster pate jar in Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata 120 gr

Lobster meat is known worldwide for its great flavor and low calorie content. You can use the pate on occasions and as varied as aperitifs, in dry bread such as spikes, donuts or biscuits, accompanied by anchovies. For your dishes, you can add to salads, pasta or as a dressing for baked or grilled fish. Glass container

Octopus with Galician Octopus Pâté with Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata 120 gr

A pâté made with the best octopus meat from the Cantabrian coasts, made with extra virgin olive oil from own olive trees and paprika are the necessary ingredients that make the unrivaled Galician octopus taste, now in the form of pate. In glass jar.

Blue Cheese Cream Jar with Truffles La Chinata 120 gr

A true delicacy, one of the most delicious cheese creams on the market for the most demanding palates. This cream is born and gives rise to the combination of two delicatessen products: blue cheese cream and truffle, united in a jar to give a unique and unrepeatable flavor. Glass container

Cream Jar Goat Cheese with Caramelised Onion La Chinata 120 gr

A cream with a very balanced flavor and texture from the two main ingredients: goat cheese cream and caramelized onions. You will be surprised by its delicious flavor. Glass jar.

Cream Cheese Cake La Serena Deliex 110 gr

The elaboration is made with the best milk of merino sheep, a delicious delicacy, serene cheese cream, with an exquisite flavor for those who love cheese. Glass jar.

Large wooden box

Presented all in our large case made of pine wood.

Interior dimension: 35.5 x 18.5 x 9.0 cm
Outer dimension: 37.5 x 20.5 x 10.3 cm

Incorporates a thank-you card for free customizing this product

98 mm x 89 mm

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