Lot jams Gift
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Lot jams Gift

Lot jams Gift

Fantastic Christmas basket with artisan jams. If you buy a lot of gifts as you can directly select gourmet products and gift set that you like and we'll do to prepare and decorate without compromise.

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Lot jams Gift

A sweet gift for lovers of natural jams, we have selected a variety of flavors with sugar and without sugar is our handmade jams, to create this original gift box decorated with grass.

The size of the gift box is 34.5x36x10.5cm.

Content on this lot mermeldas:

1 x Large gift box
1 x plum jam without sugar 280 gr
1 x Unsweetened raspberry jam 280 gr
1 x Cherry jam without sugar 280 gr
1 x Tomato jam without sugar 280 gr
1 x Peach jam without sugar 280 gr
1 x Strawberry jam without sugar 280 gr
1 x Strawberry jam 250 gr
1 x Peach jam 250 gr
1 x Orange marmalade 250 gr
1 x Rosemary honey and orange marmalade 250 gr

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