Cosmetic set including Shampoo, Bodymilk, Soap & Deliex Gel
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Cosmetic set including Shampoo, Bodymilk, Soap & Deliex Gel

Great set of cosmetic products from our Deliex brand. Perfect as a gift, it comes in a neat presentation that anyone will love. With quality and ecological products, don't let them pass you by!

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Cosmetic set including Shampoo, Bodymilk, Soap & Deliex Gel

A fantastic set of high quality cosmetic products that you are sure to love. Includes three organic bath products with a pleasant aroma of Green Tea, Lemongrass and Verbena:

  • Bath Gel Detail. Inside you will find a high quality gel, which has a pleasant and intense aroma and is gentle on the skin. Highly recommended for daily use, as it moisturises and tones the skin. Presented in a biodegradable plastic miniature of 30 millilitres.
  • Detail of Bath Shampoo. With a high quality shampoo that will leave your hair clean and silky. Its aroma, together with freshness will leave your hair impeccable, so you are sure to love it. It comes in a biodegradable plastic bottle of 30 millilitres. 
  • Bodymilk detail. A high quality lotion that will provide extra hydration to your skin, even for dry or very dry skin. With its great scent and softness it is an ideal product for the most careful hygiene. It also comes in an elegant 30 millilitre bottle made of biodegradable plastic. 
  • Bar of Hand Soap. A bar of soap to use daily that leaves a pleasant scent on the skin, as well as a great softness. It comes in a recycled paper envelope, and weighs 10 grams. 

These products are part of our Biological line, whose products are manufactured with products of the highest quality, free of paraben preservatives and made with organically grown ingredients. In this way, the best plant phyto-elements are used to produce these high quality products. 

In addition, these bottles, which as already mentioned are biodegradable, are made of RPTE plastic, which emits 75% less CO2 emissions than traditional plastics.

In short, a set of products that stand out for their high quality, as well as for their commitment to the environment. A great gift as a detail in any type of event, whether weddings, baptisms, communions, etc... So do not hesitate and buy them!

Bottle measures: 7.5 cm high by 2.5 cm in diameter.

Capacity: 30 ml.

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