Cosmetic wood basket large La Chinata nº1
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Cosmetic wood basket large La Chinata nº1

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Lot of cosmetics for companies and their employees with the guarantee of the La Chinata brand.

What does the basket contain?

Shampoo with Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata 360 ml

This shampoo is ideal for frequent use, helping to soften and moisturize hair. The shampoo has the pleasant olive aroma that characterizes our cosmetic products with olive oil. Plastic Packaging.

Hand and Nail Cream La Chinata with Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata 75 ml

The beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil for the skin are all used in this white cream, developed especially for the hydration of hands and nails. Protects the skin against environmental factors and allows skin regeneration. Plastic Packaging.

Moisturizing cream for the skin of La Chinata 360 ml

This cream protects the skin against external environmental factors, hydrates and maintains the entire structure of the dermis, allowing better regeneration and therefore, greater firmness. Plastic Packaging.

La Chinata Bath and Shower Gel 500 ml

A thick and smooth pearly gel with a characteristic olive aroma, this EVOO bath and shower gel is ideal for daily use, providing hydration and toning to the skin in each shower. Plastic Packaging.

Exfoliating Gel of La Chinata 150 ml

Created based on extra virgin olive oil and crushed olive bones. Exfoliate and purify gently, to obtain a glowing skin. The mineral salts that provide the thermal waters act directly on the structure of the skin. Use after before the bath gel to enhance the result. Plastic Packaging.

Square soap bar with EVOO from La Chinata 300 gr

Made with extra virgin olive oil, as a superfood it provides the skin with hydration and health. The tablet has a thickness of 8 x 8 x 8 cm.

Large wooden box

Presented all in our large case made of pine wood.

Interior dimension: 35.5 x 18.5 x 9.0 cm
Outer dimension: 37.5 x 20.5 x 10.3 cm

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98 mm x 89 mm

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3.41 kg
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