Green thermos and thermos flask pack for drinking coffee.
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Green thermos and thermos flask pack for drinking coffee.

A fantastic pack of products that includes a thermos and a thermal cup, perfect for a hot drink on those cold winter days. They are very resistant and hold drinks for several hours, a gift you can't miss!

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Pack thermal tumbler and portable green thermos to drink coffee.

If you are looking for a practical, beautiful and economical gift we present this fantastic set of products that you will surely love. Composed of a set of matching products consisting of: 

Vivid Green Thermal Tumbler. Colour to which a modern design of diamonds is added. A thermal cup of high resistance and insulating capacity. Two features that give it its double wall and its stainless steel construction. So you don't have to worry about it breaking if you drop it, or the drink getting cold or hot too quickly.  This Thermos is also equipped with a safety cap that also includes a dispenser. So you can drink in a comfortable and simple way through its dispenser, and once it is closed, you won't have to worry because if it falls, it won't spill. Capacity: 310 ml. Material: Stainless steel. Measurements: 16.7 cm height x 7.2 cm diameter. Weight: 147 gr

Thermos with glass in bright and vivid green colour. An eye-catcher and a real eye-catcher. Very resistant, it is able to "fit very well the blows", since it is made of stainless steel and has a double wall. This also enhances its insulating capabilities to ensure that its contents remain at an ideal temperature for several hours, so you can enjoy your favourite drink at any time and place. Capacity: 500 ml. Material: Stainless steel. Size: x 24,5 x cm | 7 Ø | 310 gr.

So don't hesitate and enjoy this great product pack. A possible gift for whoever you want or for yourself. 

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