Pack of 30 units of Round Wooden Key Rings
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Pack of 30 units of Round Wooden Key Rings

We bring you this curious pack oA fantastic pack of round wooden key rings. Ideal as a gift for any kind of event. Key rings to decorate to your liking, they are a great gift for both children and adults!f products made up of 30 rectangular wooden keyrings. Very customisable key rings, perfect as a gift for children or adults. Highly customisable, so that each one is unique. 

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Pack of 30 units of Round Wooden Key Rings

Looking for a detail to give to the guests of your events? Looking for something original and personal? We bring you the answer. A set of 30 units of Wooden Round key rings. 

A batch of key rings with round wooden plaque. Made of lacquered beech wood, with stainless steel anchorage and ring to avoid degradation. They are also delivered in a plastic envelope that protects them from the weather. 

These key rings are very resistant and elegant at the same time. They are a very recommendable detail as a gift. Their polished wooden surface is a perfect "canvas" to personalise them, either by drawing on them, stamping on them or even embossing them. This way the limit of decorating them is magnetisation, so it is a highly recommended gift for all ages, especially children. Try it!

Measurements: 4 ø cm Unit Weight: 12 Gr Contains: 30 Units

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