Pack of 100 units of Round Wooden Key Rings
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Pack of 100 units of Round Wooden Key Rings

Pack of 100 round wooden key rings. An economical and funny keyring, designed to decorate by yourself. Great as a gift for the guests of your events, discover it!

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Pack of 100 units of Round Wooden Keyrings

If you are thinking about what to give to the guests of your events, we bring you the answer. A pack of 100 units of round wooden key rings. Elegant key rings designed to decorate for each one, very economical and fun. 

Each keyring is made of polished and lacquered beech wood. This one has an anchorage that is hooked to the ring, these two are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion. In addition, to improve its transport, it comes in a plastic bag to protect it from the weather. 

But the main attraction of this key ring is its possibilities. It has endless possibilities for unique design, as everyone can decorate it in the way that seems most appropriate and imaginative to them. This is because the key rings can be painted, stamped, embossed or engraved according to your taste and skills. So you will not find two alike. A highly recommended gift to give at any event. Try them!

Measurements: 4 ø cm Unit Weight: 12 Gr Contains: 100 Units

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