Premium craft beer tasting lot
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Premium craft beer tasting lot

Selection of premium craft beers from the Cerex and Sevebrau brands.

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This basket is an original gift for family or friends. It is a selection of craft beers from 2 brands with numerous national and international awards: Cerex and Sevebrau. Any fan of quality beer should definitely try them. The batch is made up of the following beers:

- Cerex Pilsen Beer: A prestigious beer, with the traditional flavor of always. In 2015 it was awarded as Best Craft Beer in Spain , to give it this award, the jury was based on 3 requirements, the first the quality of the beer, the second the design of its labeling and the third and last, its commitment to sustainability. In June of the same year, he received Two Gold Stars for Superior Taste , by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels, a jury made up of the best Sommeliers and chefs in the world. Capacity 330 ml, Vol 5% Acl.

- Cerex Chestnut Beer: Cerex Chestnut beer was awarded at the World Beer Awards (London) as the best beer in Spain in the category Smoked (Smoked beer). In this case we find a very special beer, with a unique flavor, a life-long beer flavor with a touch of smoked chestnut that makes its flavor a delight for the palate, a beer to enjoy with every sip. Contains 330 ml, Vol 5% Acl.

- Cerex Cherry Beer: Without a doubt a different beer, with a very subtle and fresh touch. The bitterness of the beer itself together with the sweetness of the cherries create an explosion of nuances that make it taste very pleasant and palatable. Its flavor makes this drink unique and once you try it you will want to repeat. It was Awarded for the best beer in Spain in 2017 , in the category of fruit beers, at the World Beer Awards competition held in London. Contains 330 ml, Vol 5% Acl.

- Cerex Acorn Beer: According to the data issued, the Cerex Ibérica de Bellota beer is the one that has received the most awards of the four Cerex models in this basket. The first was in 2013, its participation in the largest congress on food, beverages and consumer goods (Marketing4Food-AINIA) awarded it the Best Food Product of the Year award. One year later (2014) At the Word Beer Awards, a competition held in London, it received Two Gold Stars for Superior Taste. In 2017, this contest once again awarded the Cerex de Acorn with another gold star. As you can see, it is a product of great prestige and quality, a beer with an incomparable flavor, that anyone who has the pleasure of trying it will be pleasantly satisfied. Contains 330 ml, 6.5% Vol.

- Sevebrau Beer "Castua Pale Ale ". Medium bodied craft beer, moderate bitterness and good presence of malts. Ideal to accompany meat dishes and ideal to pair with roast lamb. It has a flavor dominated by malts and a sweet reminiscent of caramel, with a well integrated smooth bitterness. Vol 5%. Capacity 33cl.

- Sevebrau Beer "Serona Strong Ale". Winner of the gold medal at CICA (International Craft Beer Competition) . Ideal to accompany meat dishes and ideal to take with any cover. It has a flavor dominated by malts. Due to its high quality, there is a balance between bitterness and sweetness. Vol: 7.5%. Capacity 33 cl

- Sevebrau Beer "Ex 1 IPA Seve-Boris". It has a moderately bitter and fresh taste. A slight note reminiscent of the end of fruits. It is an IPA (Indian Pale Ale) style craft beer that contains four different types of American hops. Vol: 7%. Capacity 33cl.

- Sevebrau "Larger pilsen" beer. It is a Munich Hell style craft beer, very light blond, slightly traditional aromas of cereals and German hops. On the palate it is smooth and refreshing with little bitterness. Vol 4.8%. Capacity 33cl.

- Gift box: Nice cardboard box with lid and plastic handle for your transport. Measures 56 cm wide x 34 cm high x 10 cm deep

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