48 PAI PAI with Organza Bag and Custom Wedding Cards.
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48 PAI PAI with Organza Bag and Custom Wedding Cards.

Pai Pai celebrations pack + Bags + Cards.

Thought to distribute among the attendees of weddings, baptisms and communions, reminder among the guests during the banquet or a detail to support the Mass in the middle of August in the best possible way.

It contains:

Organza bag: 11 x 20 cm

Pai pai of varied colors: the pai pai will be sent assorted unless otherwise.

Custom cards

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Special wedding pack.

Detail for your event composed of a practical Pai Pai, an elegant white organza bag to present and a personalized card.

This detail is usually presented at the wedding entrance, during the ceremony or at the banquet. It can either be given as an attention throughout the day, especially in hot summer weddings or give it to women as a souvenir of the event.

  • Pai pai: Similar to a fan, it is of Japanese origin and fulfills the same functions. It is made with sturdy paper and plastic. It has a diameter of 23 cm when deployed and the handle has dimensions of 2 x 14.5 x 0.95 cm. It contains 48 units. It will be sent varied unless express customer condition.
  • Organza bags: To facilitate the good presentation, they are presented in an organza bag, transparent white. It has a tape that does the closing functions, leaving the Pai pai inside. It contains 48 units.
  • Personalized cards: We want your event to be remembered and a good way is to personalize it with the details of the event. You can see our models in the images and choose the one you like best.

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