Pack of 48 Fans with Organza Bags and Custom Cards.
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Pack of 48 Fans with Organza Bags and Custom Cards.

Wedding Fan Pack.

For those boyfriends and girlfriends who want everything to be perfect in their day, for event organizers, for wedding planners, for funniest fairs; For all perfectionists: this fantastic pack will make your event unforgettable.

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Fan Pack, Organza Bag and Card.

In the hot summers months you can not miss these details for your guests. Perfect to give at weddings, baptisms and communions, during the ceremony or as a reminder of the event.

This pack contains:

- Fans: Made of resistant PVC plastic and fabric, foldable, lightweight and practical. It has measures of 43 x 23 cm.

- Organza bags: Translucent white organza bag, provides an elegant presence and a good way to transport detail. It houses the details inside and has a rope at the top that facilitates its closure and is perfect for adhering the personalized card with a nice bow. It has measures of 31.5 x 7cm.

- Personalized cards: You can choose the personalized card that you like the most from the images we show you. Tell us the model and details of your event and get your personalized gift ready.

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