Pack of 20 Bordeaux Ham Bags
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Pack of 20 Bordeaux Ham Bags

With a beautiful and elegant Bordeaux colour, these bags fit perfectly with any gift that has a ham in it. This way you will improve both the image of the product and your own image as they will see that you are a person with good judgement and attention to detail. So don't hesitate!

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Pack of 20 Bags of Bordeaux Ham

Are you thinking of giving hams to employees, friends or acquaintances? Well, this pack is the perfect complement for those gifts. A pack of ham bags in an eye-catching and regal burgundy colour. With an elegant design, this bag will add distinction as well as comfort to your gift. It has comfortable handles and a zip to make it easy to carry and to avoid stains. 

The bags are made of non-woven fabric, "Non Woven" of a good feel and resistant. They are able to support the weight without any problem as their zips have been sewn in addition to their handles. So don't hesitate and buy this fantastic accessory that will surely delight you and those who receive it.  

Material: Non-Woven Size: 68 x 41 x cm | 50 gr. Colour: Bordeaux.

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