Wine Set in cylindrical case
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Wine Set in cylindrical case

Practical and original gift made up of everything you need to enjoy a good wine. This ideal set is an ideal complement for lovers of good drinking, as it includes everything you need to enjoy it, so don't let it pass you by and buy it!

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Wine Set in a cylindrical case

We bring you an original and elegant gift to use on holidays or celebrations, a wine set with all the necessary tools to taste it. With a very elegant design, circular in shape and finished in dark wood tones, which gives them a sober and regal character, which ends up pleasing everyone else. 

Inside there are 5 high quality wine accessories with wood and stainless steel finishes. These accessories are: A corkscrew with corkscrew and opener, a stopper, a dispenser, a dropper and a thermometer. So it includes all the accessories to drink a good broth in a clean, careful and correct way. 

All this in a well cared for interior with a soft beige foam interior. It fits perfectly with all the accessories. 

Dimensions and weight: 3.5 x cm | 17 Ø | 400 gr.

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