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Lot of cosmetic natural for events.

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Lot of cosmetic natural for events

Promotion offer free personalized card in purchase of 24 packs or more

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This pack contains

Note: in the cases and baskets with several products, in the event that we do not have stock of any particular item, we will exchange it for a similar one of the same category of equal or greater amount

Lot of cosmetic natural for events

Customized cards will only be free if the total quantity exceeds 24 units, in case of a lower number they will not be made unless you buy the additional cards separately.

This is the perfect ocasion for gift cosmetic natural, with this lot with product of the mark La Chinata with a beatifull and elegant organza bag white, all this with a personalized car totally free.

Lot compound for: 

Lip balm SPF 15.

Hydratation and resistent to water with solar protection 15.

Savon with olive oil 20 gr.

Savon is specially beneficious for the skin more delicated. Too is moisturising, protection and toning.

Organza bag white 11 x 20 cm

Elegant little bag white organza ideal for presented the article, the measure perfect and texture for to susprise.

Personalized card free for the purchase of 24 units or more!

Buying the pack incluyed the personalized card totally free! Measure 3.5 cm high x 5.5 widht. Personalized like you want, good with we catalogue or good with you picture.

"For quantity less to 24 units you must buy the product individually. The aditional card are not free out the lot" 

2019-06-04 11:35:19
Muy bonitos y útiles, a mis invitadas les encantó todo!
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