Set of cosmetic natural in little box
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Set of cosmetic natural in little box

Set of cosmetic natural in little box

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 24.

Order it before 16:00 of today and receive it 26-10-2020 with MRW ENVIO 24-48 H DESDE SALIDA ALMACÉN €4.27


Set of cosmetic natural in little box

Customized cards will only be free if the total quantity exceeds 24 units, in case of a lower number they will not be made unless you buy the additional cards separately.

Gift with class and presented product of the high natural cosmetic in a beautiful box of wood. All this with a personalized card totally free.

Lot compound for:

Lip balm SPF 15 

Hydration and resisten to water with solar protection 15.

Savon with olive oil 20 gr

Savon specialy beneficious for the skin more delicated. Too is moisturizing and toning.

Miniature box for gift.

Beautiful box little in wood colors, measure 10.5x7x7 cm.

Personalized card free on the pruchase for 24 units or more!

Buying the pack we incluyed the personalized card totally free! Measures, 3.5 cm high x 5.5 cm width. You can personalized with you want, good with our catalgoue or good with your picture.

"For quantitys less to 24 units you must buy the product individually. The aditional card are not free out the lot."

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