White organza bag 11x20
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White organza bag 11x20

White organza bag 11x20

(11 cm x 20 cm) also available in other sizes

Organza bags are ideal for wrapping and decorating wedding details, communion, baptism or any event.

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White organza bag 11x20

We have other measures organza bags

They are very elegant bags with 2 ribbons of the same color and made of a fabric very pleasant to the touch, so that the bag is perfectly closed and that in this way, the gift remains ready to deliver.

In addition, one of the advantages of these bags is that the tapes can be placed cardboard card data link or event. Getting a personalized gift and presented very elegantly and very economically.

Dimensions: 11 centimeters wide by 20 centimeters high. This organza bag is designed for medium details. Keep in mind that the gift should be loose inside the bag and closing the bag.

Available colors: White.

Custom cards will be free with organza bags when details are purchased in our online store.

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