Lot for gift of employees with gastronomy products
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Lot for gift of employees with gastronomy products

Lot for gift of employees with gastronomy products

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Lot for Christmas gift with jams, cream cheese, pates, oil and vinegar

A detail that is presented as the perfect option for anyone

When we say that this gift basket is a suitable choice it is not because of anything. We have many reasons to bet on this selection of products that combine perfectly and that serves as a selection of very exclusive products.

Gift box contents

It has an exclusive selection of up to eight gourmet products presented in a wooden basket to give it more prestige and elegance.

Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from La Chinata 250 ml

The extra virgin olive oil of La Chinata, made in Plasencia with olives of own harvest, harvested at the optimum moment of maturation, with a multitude of quality controls that ensure its purity and quality. A quality oil, which is the flagship of the brand as the most demanded product.

The bottle is made of glass and its format is non-refillable.

Bottle of Sherry Vinegar of La Chinata 250 ml

It was the first Spanish vinegar with Denomination of Origin. With an enhanced flavor, it will boost the quality of your dishes and serve as a dressing for your salads. A typical product in the Mediterranean diet, which is also one of the vip condiments of the kitchens of any place.

Format with glass container.

Cream Cheese Sheep Deliex Jar 110 gr

A product to enjoy its flavor and texture, perfect complement for bread and toast, used for breakfast, snacks and all kinds of starters.

Glass container

Deliex Cake Cheese Cream Jar 110 gr

Perfect for your toasts, in snacks, breakfasts, canapés and in any situation or moment. Made with Queso de la Serena, which guarantees premium quality.

Glass container format.

Iberitos Cured Ham Cream Jar 110 gr

Cured ham in spreadable cream. It is a delight for the palate, rich to say enough. Spread it on your toast, on any type of bread and for many situations.

Glass jar.

Iberian Paté Jar with Pedro Ximenez Iberitos 110 gr

Pate with the unmistakable flavor of Pedro Ximenez, a mixture that makes this cream something of another world. Outstanding quality, a gourmet pate with class. A delight that will surprise you in your snacks, breakfasts among others.

Glass jar.

Orient Jar of Deliex Natural Strawberry Jam 250 gr

A natural jam made in the purest artisan style, made with ripe strawberries. Our marmalade contains vitamin C, improves the absorption of iron and supports the development of tissues. 100 gr of strawberry jam represents the perfect daily dose of fruit.

Glass container

Orient Jar of Deliex Natural Orange Jam 250 gr

Made by traditional processes and with natural oranges with a perfect balance between sweet and citrus orange. A very peculiar flavor, you will be surprised by its quality. High content of vitamin C.

Glass container

Pine wood large case

Presented all in our large wooden case,

  • Interior dimension: 35.5 x 18.5 x 9.0 cm
  • Outer dimension: 37.5 x 20.5 x 10.3 cm

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98 mm x 89 mm

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4.32 kg
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