fresh natural royal jelly 100%
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fresh natural royal jelly 100%

Fresh royal jelly in 1 kg plastic jar

Fresh and natural royal jelly is the natural food that contains the most energy and nutritional supplements.

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With normal transport, you will receive this product the next business day, except if you buy it on a Friday, which in that case you will receive it on Tuesday (if it is business day).
During non-working days, we will keep the product in our facilities to guarantee its optimal conservation at the appropriate temperature by refrigeration.

We ship the royal jelly frozen so that it maintains the correct temperature during the journey. In the case of any type of delay by the conventional transport agency, we will not be responsible for if the jelly loses its optimal state of conservation, for this we have refrigerated transport enabled that ensures that it remains cold throughout the journey.


Royal jelly, a product with a great magnitude of benefits for our health

Eye: During the hottest months it will be sent by refrigerated transport for the good preservation of the product and its attributes, being the shipping cost slightly more expensive for products that need cold, such as royal jelly, chocolates Chocolate and fig among others.

Royal jelly contains minerals, vitamins, proteins, trace elements and amino acids essential elements for the body, we could say that it is a natural food that contains more energy and nutritional supplements. For many years, Extremadura people of all ages already used royal jelly to revive when they were physically or psychologically exhausted, because of physical work, stress, during exams or when they suffered from any disease or symptoms of weakness of any other. kind.

Bees are responsible for producing royal jelly to feed queen bees. By consuming only royal jelly, queen bees become adults only in 17 days, compared to the 21 that workers take. It also affects the days of life in which worker bees last a month and a half or two months of life, and the life of the queen bee can reach several years.

All the components of royal jelly are beneficial to health, and it has no contraindication, jelly helps you fight tiredness, cholesterol, stress or depression and rehabilitates depleted organs, also regulates blood pressure to develop intelligence and can even help in the regeneration of the pancreas in diabetics.

The taste of royal jelly is acidic, so it is not very pleasant to take it alone, although it is like more and better effect, taking it on an empty stomach and leaving it a minute in the mouth so that it is better absorbed, it can also be taken mixed in Yogurt, honey or juice. (In the base elements such as milk, jelly produces fewer effects).

It is advisable to take 1 gram of royal jelly a day, but this amount can vary according to the needs, it has no negative effect, so it can be taken in dissection.

The optimal preservation for royal jelly is cold from the refrigerator, being able to keep it in the freezer as well, since it can be frozen and thawed as many times as necessary, since having no fibers, the royal jelly does not decompose, and therefore So much does not lose properties.

Capacity: 1 Kg bag in a plastic boat.

NOTE: So that this product does not lose the cold and is delivered in optimal conditions, its delivery will take place in the morning (using a special transport service).

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