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Magnesium Carbonate
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Magnesium Carbonate Magnesium carbonate is essential for calcium absorption in bones and set the teeth enamel. For its moisture absorbing properties, is also used as a mild laxative, as volunen increases and decreases the stool consistency.Presentation: Bottle of 100 gr.
Flax seeds
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Flax seeds How to use: Before taking, you should be ground in a coffee grinder or be left soaking in water for about 6 hours. They can be taken alone or mixed with food (juice, yogurt, sauces, salads, soups, etc.). NO GLUTEN. Presentation: Jar of 470 grams.
Oat bran
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Oat bran Oat bran is the husk that covers the oat grain. It has some nutrients:- A large number of proteins.- Carbohydrate.- Group B vitamins.- Helps to lose weight.- Controls the constipation.- Reduce the cholesterol.NO GLUTEN.
Tricalcium Phosphate
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Tricalcium Phosphate The tricalcium phosphate is a rich source of phosphorus and calcium. Also, it is very important for the assimilation of calcium by the bones. It also helps to regulate the acidity and increases the activity of antioxidants. Powder is used to prevent clumping.How to use: It is advisable to take a tablespoonful dissolved in yogurt, milk or juice.Presentation: Jar of 570 grams.
Honey with Royal Jelly
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HONEY WITH ROYAL JELLY The honey with royal jelly is perfect for all his property beneficial in the honey like in the royal.  It is perfect for the childrend and the adults that dislike the bitter flavour of the fresh jelly. The honey softing the bitter and take easy the jally

Buy natural diet online

Natural dietetics such as pollen, natural royal jelly, collagen, magnesium carbonate or flaxseeds, among others, can be purchased at our online store or at our Don Benito Badajoz store.

Carrying out an expert-oriented diet results in health benefits. So following a natural diet will bring benefits and no side effects, because the products you consume to carry out the diet are mainly natural.

Here at gifts we have a varied list of natural dietary products that come in different presentations; Next, we will present what products we have in this category, what are the presentations, what benefits they bring you, what their prices are and how to buy them.

Natural dietary products

Natural dietary products are well prepared so that they do not lose their properties, and thus make the necessary contributions to your body for which they have been created.

Among these products you can find: tricalcium phosphate, magnesium carbonate, food collagen, pure powdered propolis, royal jelly, honey with royal jelly, oat bran, etc.

Presentations of natural dietary products

The products related to this category, apart from which they vary, can come in presentations of bags of 20 to 25 kg, as well as plastic containers of 1 kg, propolis and royal jelly in jars or glass bottles of 100gr.

All this, in order that you choose the one of greater convenience and even the one that you like the most. With these presentations you guarantee the permanence of the properties without being lost.

Benefits of natural dietary products

Among the benefits you can get are: contribution to the improvement of your health, macro presentations; that is, they come in large quantities to be able to enjoy for a longer time, and in turn to prepare and combine foods with these natural dietary products.

On our website you will find the specifications on how the products should be used to help you use them correctly, and in this way guarantee you the proper absorption of their properties in your body.

Another benefit is that you can count on guaranteed delivery; since, we have transportation to take you to any place where you want, while we deliver a product in perfect condition; However, you can also count on the money back guarantee. What makes you trust even more in our services.

Prices of natural dietary products

The prices of products range from the lowest to the most expensive, allowing you to choose the one you want with easy access, so you can incorporate them into your daily diet. We have offers on some of our products, which we invite you to review on our page, so that you can take advantage of them.

How to buy natural dietary products

The procedure is very simple, select the item of your choice and take it to the shopping cart where you will mark the amount of products you want to buy.

The forms of payment are very reliable and simple, since we safeguard your personal data, and you can do it, through bank transfers, with a visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

If you have any questions we can assist you; through our contact phone numbers and that way to guide you.