Medium Gourmet Box 3 (Cadeax)
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Medium Gourmet Box 3 (Cadeax)

Medium Gourmet Gift Box 3

Premium gourmet products make up this case for a business gift or as a gift as a Christmas basket.

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Medium Gourmet Gift Box 3

Fabulous gift box that contains a wide variety of quality gourmet and delicious products. In addition, it is an ideal detail to give to a loved one on a special day.

This case contains the following products:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "La Chinata" (250 ml): Packaged in a non-refillable glass container containing 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil that contains a high level of fatty acids.
  • Sherry Vinegar D.O. (250 ml): Its color is mahogany and its aroma exquisite. In addition, it has nuances of the wood in which it is raised. Said vinegar is a condiment that increases the taste of food and is essential in hospitality and catering. Adding only a few drops to food, it brings extraordinary flavors and nuances to any dish.
  • Caramelised onion with sherry vinegar (220 gr): flavor and nuances that make this product the perfect complement to meats, goat cheese and, even, it is also used to season and season salads.
  • Roasted peppers in syrup (180 g drained): This conserves mixes the flavor of roasted peppers with the sweetness of the jam. Thanks to this, you get an amazing flavor that makes this product one of the most successful in the gourmet market. It is perfect to accompany all kinds of meats, fish, tortillas and desserts (with cream or rice pudding).
  • Dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (180 g drained): This product can be consumed directly through salads or can be used to make sauces, side dishes, etc. In addition, you can season stews or prepared dishes. It is the perfect companion for pasta.
  • Boletus in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (180 g drained): This product is the ideal ingredient for any type of dish. They bring a delicious and unique flavor to pasta, rice, sauces and all kinds of stews. It is also often used as a main ingredient in sauteed vegetables and poached egg.
  • Flor de sal (190 g): It has a special flavor and a delicate marine smell and although time passes, it does not lose its properties or cakes.
  • Pepper 5 Berries (110 g): It is a mixture of 5 different peppers: Green, White and Black Pepper, Allspice and Pink Pepper.
  • Medium size gift box

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