Children's details pack 30 Coloring backpacks + 30 Rondux Games + 30 pencils
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Children's details pack 30 Coloring backpacks + 30 Rondux Games + 30 pencils

Children's gift pack 90 units

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Lot of children's gifts for birthdays

Magnificent lot of children's birthday gifts, do not know what you are going to give on your child's birthday, or what detail will you give to the smallest guests of your wedding, communion or baptism ?. This magnificent pack is the solution, a batch of 45 units consisting of: 30 Children's backpacks for coloring, printed with animal cartoons and with a fantastic rope closure, so that everything is well collected, this backpack is a soft touch with the skin, so as not to damage the skin of the little ones. The backpacks have a set of waxes of varied colors, waxes that do not stain clothes.

30 Games of skills Rondux, a fantastic game, so that the little ones begin to develop the skills, this game consists of spinning the tube with the hand, and stopping it interspersed, these games are of varied colors.

30 Flexible pencils, great and fun flexible pencils, of varied colors, and the little ones can manipulate at will, fleeing the traditional and rigid pencils of a lifetime. The pencils are composed of pvc and granite, the granites being black. Colors will be sent varied, depending on warehouse availability.

⭐Give the little ones this great lot for birthdays or special celebrations, it will be a success.Visit our shop window by clicking on our Deliex brand delights of Extremadura to see all our offer in gifts for children's parties for schools, birthdays, cups, backpacks, gums, pencils etc and much more for children to play and learn.

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