Multicolour Magic Notebook
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Multicolour Magic Notebook

We bring you this "Magic" notebook that you will love. A special notebook to draw colourful and original drawings. A magic notebook that both children and adults will love. Discover it!

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Multicolour Magic Notebook

Now in our catalogue an original, nice and funny gift! An original colourful notebook with a "Magic" touch. This notebook is a perfect complement that you will love for sure. A special notebook with an innovative format.

In this original notebook, you don't need colours or pencils, just a pointer included inside. So to draw you just "scratch" the black surface with the stylus, creating the design or text you want. The result is a colourful and impressive text or drawing. But remember, once engraved, it cannot be undone, making each design unique and permanent. 

This pad contains 8 sheets of paper for drawing and/or writing plus a bamboo stylus to draw with. The pad is made of hard cardboard, a sustainable and recyclable material. It is also worth mentioning that the articles are presented in a plastic bag with a self-seal closure. 

All in all, a spectacular detail that both children and adults will love, and in which the only limit is the imagination and skill of each one, so don't hesitate and try it!

Includes: 8 sheets of paper. Bamboo Pointer Unit Weight: 50 Gr Material: Paper and Cardboard Measurements: 10 x 14 cm

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