Scented candle with the scent of roses
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Scented candle with the scent of roses

We bring you this beautiful and aromatic scented candle. A scented candle in a glass jar with a pleasant fragrance of roses. This scented candle comes with a little card to write a handwritten dedication. Try it!

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Scented candle with the scent of roses

We present you this perfect gift for your loved ones! A fantastic scented candle with a captivating aroma of roses. A funny and amusing detail that is perfect as a gift as it includes a little card for you to write the dedication you want. 

The scented candle comes in a beautifully designed glass jar, which also has an airtight seal. A seal to prevent the scent from escaping and to make the jar fit better. The inside of the jar is scented with a pleasant scent of roses, which will captivate you. A fragrance that will be appreciated by whoever you give it to. A person who will also appreciate the message that you write on the recycled cardboard note that is tied to the jar with a string. 

A highly recommended detail with a chic touch that is perfect as a decoration, so don't hesitate and give this fantastic product to that special person!

Measurements: 4 X 7.50 cm Weight: 170 gr Material: Crystal, wax, cardboard and string Aroma: Roses

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