Lots for companies in wooden box
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Lots for companies in wooden box

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Buy Lots for companies in wooden box

A case composed of a bottle of wine and a selection of premium gourmet products, if you want to have a beautiful detail with a friend, family or your partner, do not hesitate to opt for this great lot.

Composition of the case:

  • Marqués de Carrión Crianza: A classic red wine from La Rioja, a great wine that goes very well with small game dishes, noble meats, cheeses and blue fish. The bottle has a capacity of 75 cl.
  • Orza Lomo Jar 350 gr: the best lump loin in a glass jar to enjoy.
  • Iberian Paté with Pedro Ximénez 110 gr: An exquisite pâté for its inimitable taste with the great taste that Pedro Ximenez brings.
  • Blue Cheese 110 gr Deliex: a cream cheese spread that besides being delicious is a companion for breakfast and snacks.
  • Pine wood box 37.5 x 20.5 x 10.3 cm

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3.50 kg