Lot savings cut ham knife
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Lot savings cut ham knife

An exquisite Iberian ham ready for your enjoyment

Buy the Iberian field ham saving lot today, and consume it whenever you want. If you want to buy the batch of Iberian ham cut by machine to make a gift.

10 envelopes x 100 gr

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A perfect lot dinner with family or friends

10 envelopes x 100 g in total are 1000 gr of cut Iberian ham

The batch of Iberian ham bait from the Extremadura pasture, is composed of 10 sachets of 100 gr of Iberian ham sliced ​​by machine and vacuum packed, to consume when you feel like it without drying the ham.

Iberian hams come from pigs raised in the pasture that feed on herbs and natural feed.

Also, if you want to use the batch of Iberico ham, machine-cut for a gift, and if you wish, we will send it directly to your recipient with a gift card with the thank you phrase you want to add.

If you need more information about the Iberian ham batch or any other product of our store, you can contact us through info@regalosgourmetonline.com or at 924038471 we will be happy to assist you.

The Iberian ham that we cut is this https://regalosgourmetonline.com/es/jamones-y-embutidos/1021-comprar-jamon-iberico-cebo-.html

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