Cebo Iberian Ham (Sliced Plate)
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Cebo Iberian Ham (Sliced Plate)

Sliced Iberian ham cut by knife

When cutting the Iberian ham as we can see in the image, it presents several shades that range from pink to purple red, obtained after a slow aging in a natural cellar.

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Sliced Iberian ham cut by knife

The Iberian ham is a narrow and thin piece. Stylized and elongated cane and black hoof.

This envelope of Iberian ham is of high quality and complies with all quality certificates of Iberian ham bait.

It is presented cut by knife, to better appreciate both its flavor and its texture.

Healing: approximately 20 to 24 months.

Plate content sliced Iberian ham cut by knife: 100 grams.

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