Iberian ham, fresh acorn origin denomination knife cut
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Iberian ham, fresh acorn origin denomination knife cut

An extraordinary ham, taste, texture and cut make this product a delicacy

Cut by hand with knife the pure Iberian acorn-fed ham, it is delivered in envelopes 100 gr of slices vacuum packed. The best Iberian acorn-fed ham ready to taste.

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Taste one of the most exquisite products that our land offers us

Iberian acorn-fed ham is cut by a knife in a natural way, packed in vacuum envelopes, so the ham retains its properties, taste and smell for a longer time by not having contact with the air. From a 7.5 kg ham, 33 sachets of 100 gr come in slices cut to the plate

If you have any questions about the pure Iberian ham, sliced or other products from our online store, please contact info@regalosgourmetonline.com or 924038471, we will be happy to assist you.

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