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Ham and cooked pork meats

Buy online Iberian ham and sausage from extramadura cheap

The best sausages, hams, loins, sausages or Iberian sausages that will make even the most delicate palate satisfied.

We sell Iberian hams, loins, sausages or artisanal sausages of Iberian pigs set free in the pasture of Extremadura

Surely, in every celebration you do you want to give your guests the best, and with our services we make it possible. A good way to do it is with hams to give away or with any of the sausages that we have at your disposal on our website.

Maybe giving away ham has been a family habit, but the fact that you give the best makes a difference. Therefore, we want you to know the best hams and sausages that you can give at parties, weddings or any business meeting.

Ham to give away

The gift ham has always been an important piece in any social event. Therefore, we have different types and presentations so you can choose the one you like best. Among the types of hams we have: serrano ham, boneless or sliced ​​Iberian shoulder packed in vacuum, boneless, cured or acorn ham.

The presentations vary according to the type of Iberian ham to give as you choose. For example: among them, there are complete boneless pallets vacuum packed, serrano hams between 7 to 7.5 kg, sliced ​​and vacuum packed in envelopes of 125 grams and in presentation with knife-made cuts, cured ham of more than 8 kg or acorn hams with more than 8 kg per unit.

Extremadura ham, the best ham for its quality.

You can get pieces of ham or Iberian shoulder whole or sliced ​​in vacuum-packed slices.

One of the characteristics that will make you decide for a ham from Extremadura is that you can buy the ham or whole shoulder or in vacuum-packed slices, ready to eat, you just have to prepare the dish and put the magnificent slices of ham.

Vacuum ham, if you don't like to cut ham but eat it, buy our sliced ​​ham packages.

Ham lovers who love to eat it and share it with their loved ones, but not perhaps so much, having to cut it, you have the perfect alternative, the slices of ham slices, vacuum packed, thanks to this type of packaging, you can enjoy each of the packages whenever you want, without having to be cutting ham every time you want to share it with your loved ones or have a celebration.

Give ham the increasingly original option to make a gift.

Iberian sausages are the best way to give a gift to that special person, give a basket with these quality products and as a business detail will make whoever receives it can taste unbeatable Iberian products.

Buy hams online with the typical quality of Extremadura products.

If what you want is to be able to buy Iberian products with quality and a presentation as a careful gift from the comfort of your home, it is the perfect place, here you can buy ham online and receive it with a magnificent basket if you want to make a gift for a birthday, a celebration and is the most admired detail as a business gift. You can accompany this magnificent basket of Iberian products with a personalized card with your best wishes to that special person.