Mountain honey of Guadalupe (500g)
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Mountain honey of Guadalupe (500g)

Natural and pure honey Sierra de Guadalupe.

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Natural honey Sierra de Guadalupe

dark color from a large number of flowers of the Sierra de Guadalupe, holm oak, heather, eucalyptus, chestnut, strawberry, cherry and thyme between types of flowers.This pure honey brings together all the characteristics of the rest of the monofloral variety, it is anti-inflammatory , antioxidant, healing, expectorant and rich in multiple minerals. A delicious, natural and healthy gourmet product from the mountain to our table.

Origin of the pure honey of Sierra de Guadalupe:

A selection of the best honey produced between the Villuercas and Siberia Extremadura.


This Sierra de Guadalupe honey is presented in a 500 g glass jar.

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