Rosemary honey (500 g)
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Rosemary honey (500 g)

Pure Rosemary Honey

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Natural rosemary honey 500 grams

Properties and benefits

Pure rosemary honey has a light color, it is a very balanced and soft type of honey, an authentic gourmet product.

This natural honey is indicated for stomach disorders and facilitates the process of digestion.It is attributed beneficial effects on the liver, while acting as a stimulant and toning of the body. Its consumption is especially recommended in cases of nervousness, asthma, common cough and convulsive cough. It is a highly recommended gourmet product.

Origin of pure eucalyptus honey:

It is called rosemary honey because bees mainly release rosemary flower plants.


Our pure rosemary honey is presented in a 500 g glass jar.

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