Honey of oak (1 Kg)
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Honey of oak (1 Kg)

We bring you this Pure Holm Oak Honey in a glass jar weighing 1kg. A honey obtained from bee hives located in the Spanish dehesas, a honey that you must try!

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1 kg natural oak honey

On our web page giftsgourmetonline.com we think about you and yours by offering you the best in Spain honey, since, due to its high quality and the properties it provides, it makes an article that should not be missing in your pantry.

This gourmet honey is 100% natural. It is different from the honey you usually consume, since it has an intense, strong and not very sweet taste, due to the amount of mineral salts it has. Its purpose is to provide you with minerals so that you have the energies that your body needs.

Properties of holm honey

This product obtained thanks to the fact that the bees release the molasses that says goodbye to the acorns has a characteristic black color, due to the high iron content. Its well-made form makes significant contributions to your body.

For example: This gourmet honey brings many mineral salts to your body, among them we can mention phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, among others that are necessary for the body.

In addition, it has multiple benefits for different health conditions, thanks to the set of properties it has. Among them we can mention that it helps when there are digestive problems, anemia, lack of energy, growth of children, blood circulation, among other benefits.

Ideal presentation of oak honey

This gourmet honey, you can find it in a 1 kilogram presentation in a glass jar, which should be treated with care. It should be stored in a place at room temperature and you should keep in mind that the crystallization of honey is a natural process which indicates that it is 100% pure and does not contain any additive, so if you see any change in it it is completely normal.

Oak honey at the best price

We want our customers to feel comfortable with our services and prices. Therefore, we want to mention to you that we have no competition in the price of holm oak honey, for having the best in the market.

You can see that in the real comments of our customers on our website. We invite you to take a look so that you convince yourself. Once you have selected the product, at the bottom of the page you will find all the opinions about it.

Contact us when you buy gourmet oak honey

We have different services to make your purchase easier and faster just one click away. You can make your order or request information related to our services and products by telephone, to the numbers that you can find in the central belt of our website.

You can request the delivery of your gourmet honey at home or anywhere in the European Union, and only if the purchase exceeds € 150 will it be free. You should not worry about the state in which your request arrives, because we work with the best shipping agencies and offer you the money-back guarantee.

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