Arrope Honey of Spain
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Arrope Honey of Spain

With pure honey and pumpkin this arrope or also known as molasses is made.

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Natural pumpkin clothe:

Arrope is a delicious and natural traditional dessert of Extremadura, made with the best frosted pumpkin and top quality honey. It is an ideal gourmet product for sweets, cakes and pies. In addition, pumpkin clothes can be taken at breakfast, at snack or as a dessert. Also, it can be used as a type of jam. It has an exquisite taste.

Pumpkin and honey clothes are made by mixing the same proportion of water and honey, put to heat and once it begins to boil the pumpkin pieces are added, and they are allowed to simmer so that all the flavors are combined. A natural and very healthy product, if you are a honey or pumpkin lover, you can not miss this delicacy that nature offers us. A product with two unique and main ingredients, honey and pumpkin.

Our natural Extremeño pumpkin clothe is presented in a 1kg glass jar.

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1.46 kg
Data sheet
1 kgr.
2021-05-24 00:00:30
Hemos repetido porque el arrope está delicioso y el envío es súper rápido
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jose ignacio
2021-05-12 14:06:36
Era un regalo para mi madre, que hablando con ella recordaba cuando de pequeña lo comía: no era exactamente como ella recordaba pero para mí el producto sigue siendo un descubrimiento.
Purchased products: Arrope Honey of Spain
2021-04-10 20:21:48
Buenísimo, hoy en día no es fácil encontrarlo en tiendas. Ya lo había probado y he repetido. Delicioso
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2021-04-09 17:04:00
Buen producto, buena atencion y rapidez en el envio. Repetire. Gracias.
Purchased products: Arrope Honey of Spain
2021-02-24 14:12:26
Brutal, como antaño, mucha nostalgia
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2020-11-24 17:25:48
He repetido la compra porque está buenisimo y a mi madre le encanta.
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2020-11-18 21:47:29
Muy bueno y entrega rapido
Purchased products: Arrope Honey of Spain
2019-06-04 13:03:58
Arrope de Extremadura dulce y muy sabroso
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2019-06-04 11:43:57
Muy bien, era dulce y meloso
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2018-05-09 13:40:49
Producto elaborado con una selecta coherencia y acierto.
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