Candy with honey and propolis
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Candy with honey and propolis

Solid candies made of pure honey and propolis, a very healthy natural treat.

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We all know the amount of healing properties that honey has. And it is that this sweet yellowish fluid has great medicinal value, because it helps in different conditions that threaten your health. In the same order of ideas, propolis serves as an antibiotic to attack certain germs.

That is why, we have made a combination of these two ingredients, and we have turned them into delicious honey and propolis candies. You will want to try and share with your family and friends.

Curative effect of candies with pure honey and propos

Propolis is a vegetable resin used by bees as an antibiotic against germs that can attack their hives. Therefore, we wanted to use these combined properties together with honey to help quickly attack the irritation or infection of the airways you may have.

Specifically it will help you relieve cold discomfort, sore throat, laryngitis, cold, cough, tonsillitis, angina, pharyngitis, etc., thanks to its natural antibiotic.

These candies will help you thanks to their analgesic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect on your throat.

Why are honey candies an ideal gift?

Because all people, both children and adults, love sweets, especially candies; So, what better way to give a good gift especially in times when someone encounters the discomforts of the cold and can benefit from these delicious candies of propolis and honey.

For children it would be the easiest way to attack these conditions, since they will not be able to resist this candy, and that way they will get relief from the aforementioned symptoms.

Presentation of candies with pure honey and propolis

The propolis candies come in a unique presentation of 100gr bags, which bring several candies to give away.

You can buy this economic presentation in our store for a low price. There are certain gifts from our store that you can ask for the inclusion of some candies with the other products, but since it is very practical and economical, the presentation, you can purchase the amount of packages you want.

Prices of candies with pure honey and propolis

The price of our presentation of honey and propolis candies is really cheap and easy to acquire, so you will not only want a package, but many, to have available for a long time.

We have lower prices than the competition, so you can purchase them in our online store with easy and reliable payment methods, as well as if you want to send them.

Opinions about candies with pure honey and propolis

The opinions about our honey and propolis candies are positive, since they mention the quality of our product, as well as our services, and have even been satisfied to request our products and services for communions, weddings and other types of parties.

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