Red wine Tempranillo Tiara 75 cl

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An exceptional young wine

Origin of Red Wine Tiara

It is produced in a unique way with a variety of grapes from Eva de Los Santos, an exclusive and exceptional variety. It has its origin at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the circumstance for which D. Ezequiel Fernandez Santana or as it is renamed, the priest of the Saints of Maimona favored along with the residents of the place the initial graft was made.

A wine from Extremadura

Created in Extremadura wineries, it is a wine that reflects its climate and quality of the sown and cultivated grapes, always of great class.

Tiara Tempranillo Wine Tasting

  • In view: Color red and with violet glitters.
  • To taste: Nice. With good harmony between tannin and acidity. The retronasal aroma is complicated and reminds the nasal phase.
  • Smell: Predominates the essence of red fruits, licorice and balsamic plants.

Characteristics of the wine:

  • Amount: 750 ml
  • Graduation: Alcoholic Volume 9%
2018-12-26 14:09:20
Mi preferido y mucho mas barato que en otras tiendas online, aprovechad que es un chollo.
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