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Sale of Rioja wines, Ribera del Duero, Guadiana riverbank in harvest, oak, crianza or reserves with protected designation of origin, we expose red, white and rosé wines.

With brands such as Habla del Silencio, Azpilicueta or Viña Arnaiz, a wide and varied range of wines for all tastes.

It is a European custom for family, friends and even companies and their employees to meet for a special event, a social gathering, a marriage or a dinner and share a glass of wine.

Choosing a good wine from Extremadura to share with your guests is synonymous with good taste and class, so on our website we offer more than 80 products related to Extremeños wines. We also offer you a variety of services so you don't worry about anything.

Extremadura wines the best choice

The autonomous community of Extremadura is known for the production of wines of excellent quality. Therefore, the wine designation of Extremadura is a seal that guarantees product quality.

After collecting the best grapes of the harvest under proper care and following the best processes for its elaboration, it results in a wine of very good quality that is sure for its different aromas and flavors will be a privilege for you and your guests to taste it.

What will you find in the wine section of Extremadura?

On our website we have different types of formats for our clients such as: the miniatures that are ideal to give in any special event up to 5 liters jugs of the best wine from Extremadura, where you can choose the one that suits you best.

The types of wines that we have at your disposal are red, white and pink of the best brands such as: Ribera del Duero, Habla del Silencio, Viña Arnaiz, Ribera del Guadiana, Roble, Reserva, Crianza, Azpilicueta, among many more, in addition with protected designation of origin.

Presentation of Extremadura wines

In we have a great variety of Extremadura wines so you can buy the one you like best.

Presentations vary by brand. You can find individual presentations of 40ml, 0.75 ml, 250 ml, miniatures of 18.7 cl (6 bottles), 2 bottles without any companion or with any additional product in an elegant case or box and presentations of 1.5 liters and 5 liters.

All these are ideal to give in a special event or in your company to your employees. They come in attractive containers, either glass or plastic.

Customize wine from Extremadura

When buying Extremadura wines you have made the best decision. According to your choice, you can personalize it with a card where you can write a message and the name to whom it is addressed, other types of wine allow you to opt for an organza bag or add a sticker, everything will depend on the item you choose.

The option available to the article can be seen once you choose the product, on the right side of the page. However, in case you have doubts we have a video tutorial on how you can customize the product, in case you apply that option to the article.

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