Chocolate Fig Bon Bons (Big Box 24 ud)
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Chocolate Fig Bon Bons (Big Box 24 ud)

Buy online Fig chocolates Rabitos Royale 24 units

Rabitos Royale the best fig bonbons covered with the best chocolate.

Case of 24 fig chocolates. Lot savings ideal for gift or to taste together with family and friends.

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Chocolate bonbons Rabitos Royale 24 units

Eye: During the hottest months it will be sent by refrigerated transport for the good preservation of the product and its attributes, being the shipping cost slightly more expensive for products that need cold, such as royal jelly, chocolates Chocolate and fig among others.

These delicious fig chocolates are made from the best raw materials. First, the best figs are selected, both in size and quality, and after a careful washing and drying treatment they are filled with a delicious and rich cream made with truffle and liquor. Finally, they are covered by a thin layer of chololate.

You can give it away or taste it yourself. Without a doubt, you will be impressed by its intense and rich flavor.

Ingredients: Dry fig (45%), brandy, chocolate, cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, soy lecithin, vanilla aroma.

Units: 24


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