Baskets by Type: Explore our diversity in baskets for all tastes.

Baskets by type

Discover our wide selection of gourmet baskets designed to surprise on every occasion. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisiteness and variety with our specialized categories:

Christmas Baskets with Ham

Our baskets with the unmistakable touch of ham, a classic and delicious option for these holidays.

Gourmet Christmas Baskets

For the most demanding palates, discover our gourmet baskets, carefully prepared with the most exquisite and select flavors.

Economic Christmas Baskets

Quality at affordable prices! Find the perfect basket to give as a gift without neglecting good taste and satisfaction.

Vegetarian Christmas Baskets

Explore our vegetarian selection, where freshness and innovation come together to create irresistible combinations.

Vegan Christmas Basket

Discover our exclusive collection of vegan Christmas baskets, where freshness and innovation merge to offer irresistible combinations in every bite.

Christmas Sausage Baskets

Lovers of sausages will find their paradise in our specialized baskets, with a variety that will captivate their senses.

Christmas Baskets without Alcohol

To celebrate with alcohol-free options, discover our baskets without compromising flavor or elegance.

Christmas Baskets for Companies

Impress partners and employees with our baskets specially designed for corporate gifts, full of good taste and distinction.

Explore each category and find the perfect basket for every occasion. Are you looking for a classic detail or something more innovative? We have the perfect option for you, you can also make your totally tailored personalized basket!