Tasting pack of 4 Sevebrau craft beers
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Tasting pack of 4 Sevebrau craft beers

Serona, Ipa, Lager Pilsen y Castua

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Craft Beers Gift Set

A very special case, made up of 4 Sevebrau beers, made 100% by hand. It is a very original gift for anyone who loves this type of beer. For any type of celebration, it is an ideal detail, be it a birthday, for kings, father's day, etc ... If the person to whom it is addressed is an enthusiast of craft beer, it will be an unbeatable gift for he or she.

The pack consists of:

  • Serona Beer : Strong Ale type beer, dark brown color, with a long-lasting sparkling mantle, malt aroma, with a flavor in which there is a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness. VOL: 6.8%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Pilsen Lager Beer : A beer in the purest Munich Hell style, with aromas of cereal and a touch of German hops, very clear, refreshing lager and very easy to drink as it has little bitterness. Vol: 4.8%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Ipa Beer : Type of Indian Pale Ale beer, made in an artisan way, has an orange tone, long-lasting foam and bitterness that, when deposited on the palate, increases but without displeasing, to finally give way to a resinous and fruity flavor. A beer with a slightly cloudy aspect, very light and refreshing. Vol: 7%. Capacity 33cl
  • Castúa Beer : Type of Pale Ale beer, has an intense copper color, with a foam that lasts a lot. Malts predominate in its flavor with a sweet touch very similar to the flavor of caramel. Vol: 5%. Capacity 33cl.

    Country: Spain.

  • Gift Box : Robust cardboard box, dark color, has a rope-shaped handle to transport it. In its interior we add wood wool so that the products are perfectly fitted and do not move, at the same time it protects them from any blow. Measurements: Width - 9cm / Length - 29 cm / Height - 33 cm.

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