Baby squid in olive oil
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Baby squid in olive oil

Ingredients: baby squid, olive oil and salt.

Product made in Galicia.

Net weight: 115 g

Cephalopods such as the squid from Conservas Daporta enjoy special prestige, not only for their careful and meticulous production, but also for the raw material used, purchased directly and without intermediaries in the most prestigious fish markets located in the ports of the Rías Gallegas, selecting and buying the best quality and size product.

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Order it before 13:00 of Monday and receive it on 09-08-2022 with MRW 24-48 HORAS


Baby SquiBaby squid in olive oil

4/6 pieces.

Average Nutritional Values:

For every 100 g of drained product:

Cephalopods are highly recommended foods to be included in healthy and balanced diets that prevent different diseases. They are rich in mineral salts (calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and iodine), essential for good nutrition.

The vitamins:

Vitamin A: fights infections and prevents cancer.

Vitamin B: activates the intellectual functions and maintains healthy vision.

Vitamin D: promotes the adequate absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

The minerals:

Phosphorus: for the protection of the nervous system and kidneys.

Potassium: nourishes the muscles and strengthens the immune system.

Iron: to combat stress.

Calcium: for the formation of bones, teeth and muscles.ds in Ink with olive oil 

Delicious stuffed squid in its ink with the best of our extra virgin olive oil, undoubtedly an excellent gourmet dish, which will satisfy your palate ..

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