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Canned gourmet fish

Baby squid in olive oil
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Ingredients: baby squid, olive oil and salt. Product made in Galicia. Net weight: 115 g Cephalopods such as the squid from Conservas Daporta enjoy special prestige, not only for their careful and meticulous production, but also for the raw material used, purchased directly and without intermediaries in the most prestigious fish markets located in the ports of the Rías Gallegas, selecting and buying the best quality and size product.

Buy gourmet canned fish online

In our online store we have a small selection of canned gourmet fish difficult to find in another online site and of course always at the best price, so you can access them and give yourself a tasty treat of the most exclusive that you can find in this section. Canned fish Cantabria of the prestigious brand La Chinata.

What kind of canned fish do we have?

As you can see, we only have quality canned seafood, they are not the typical saturated preservatives of preservatives, since these that you have here are bathed and preserved in extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

We mainly have canned squid fish stuffed in ink, pickled mussels, scallops in scallop sauce or northern bonito. All this in canned gourmet fish ready to buy and be received in the comfort of your home just one click away.

With these you can get to make the recipes with canned fish more exclusive, buy the cans of canned premium fish that combine the flavor of the north with Extremeño oil.

Canned fish brands

Our canned fish originate in Spain, we always rely on native brands and therefore we offer the variety of canned products from La Chinata, they are a factory of canned fish of first quality and with a unique and exclusive flavor.

With these products you can forget how to keep fish in the fridge, since they are processed correctly so that you do not have problems regarding the conservation of our gourmet fish delicacies.

Canned fish and cholesterol

There are myths that talk about eating canned fish is bad for cholesterol, well this is not true, but rather the opposite. The reality is that canned gourmet fish follow a traditional process, no additives or preservatives are used beyond extra virgin olive oil, salt and water. Fish is high in protein, vitamins and especially in omega 3.

As you will know, the olive oil through which our canned fish is preserved is high in fat, but it should be noted that they are good, naturally occurring fats that together with omega 3 serve as a great ally against cholesterol.