Canned white Tuna "Bonito del Norte"
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Canned white Tuna "Bonito del Norte"

Canned white Tuna "Bonito del Norte"

Bonito del Norte (Spanish White Tuna)
Bonito is a breed of tuna that swims near the shore off northern Spain. This dolphin-safe, white meat tuna fish is the most valued fish in Northern Spain. There, bonito are caught by fishermen lining the shore, using bamboo rods with long lines.

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Canned white Tuna "Bonito del Norte"

The "White Tuna Bonito del norte" is tuna varieties of higher quality and is characterized by an exquisite flavor and softer than the rest of their species texture.

In "La Chinata" we have selected the best beautiful fish in the Cantabrian coast to create this preserved along with the best extra virgin olive oil from the hills of the northern province of Caceres

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