Large box 4 kg fig chocolates Rabitos Royale bulk
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Large box 4 kg fig chocolates Rabitos Royale bulk

Big box 4 kg fig chocolates Rabitos Royale bulk

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Gift box 4 kg fig chocolates Rabitos Royale bulk

La Higuera seduces us day after day and year after year with its delicious fig bonbons. As many of our customers already know, it is a real delicacy that once you try it, you have to repeat it. That is why many of our customers regularly buy our chocolates.

But maybe the other formats, you fall short. For this reason we offer you the box of Rabitos Royale chocolates in large format, 4 kg of chocolates so you can enjoy them for longer and also in a more economical way.

Ideas with the Rabitos Royale

We recommend always having a sample of the chocolates at home to enjoy at your table or to offer your visitors a great and original snack.

In addition, it is increasingly common to see a dish with these delicacies in homes around the world, sometimes as important as celebrations, family dinners, meetings or Christmas.

Fig Chocolates Extremadura

Chocolates made with premium figs from Almoharín, birthplace of this Extremadura delicacy. Rabitos Royale are the perfect blend of fig flavor stuffed with truffles and liquor and are coated with a thin but delicious layer of chocolate.

"A flavor pump that you can only understand when you're lucky enough to try them."

Box contents:

Box of Rabitos Royale Chocolates of Fig in Bulk

4 kg - 213 chocolates approximately: the amount can vary since each chocolate is different and have different weights depending on the fig.

Where to buy fig chocolates rabbits royale?

In our online store we offer Rabitos Royale at very competitive and economic prices. You can buy our chocolates at the best market price.

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4 kg

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