Lot with ham, wine and Iberian products
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Lot with ham, wine and Iberian products

A fantastic set of products with high quality Iberian cured meats and ham, accompanied by a wine from the Comarca de la Serena, which you are sure to love. A set of high quality products, ideal as a gift or to keep for yourself, so don't let them tell you about it and buy this fantastic product!

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Ham, wine and iberian products in a hamper

This fantastic hamper, made with selected products of the highest quality. In it you will find the best products, plus a wine from the Comarca de la Serena. The products are: 

  • Reserve cured ham: A superb slow-cured ham with a clean cut, with no slicing. Its quality is shown in the colour of its meat, intense red, which encourages you to try it. A ham balanced in fat and lean, with a captivating aroma and a flavour that is even more captivating. 
  • Chorizo and salchichón Ibérico bellota en Vela. Two gourmet products made with the best quality ingredients. Among them are selected lean Iberian pork, together with a selected casing and seasoning, to give it a characteristic flavour. With a strong aroma and a smooth texture that delights those who try it. Each piece weighs approximately 200 grams. 
  • Bottle of Marques de Guillen Wine. A magnificent wine from the Comarca de la Serena in the province of Badajoz, of the tempranillo variety. A wine whose grapes are selected and which has been aged for one year in American oak barrels. The wine is presented in a neatly presented bottle, which looks very elegant to the eye. This wine should be served between 16º and 18º. It has a cherry red colour, an intense aroma and a smooth and pleasant flavour. 
  • Semi-cured goat's cheese and paprika. An exquisite delicacy made from pasteurised milk and cured for a short period of time. This cheese is wrapped in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and paprika is added to make a delicious rind, which should be eaten with the cheese to fully savour it. A very special cheese that is vacuum packed to improve its conservation. 

In conclusion, a fantastic hamper, which if it is to be given as a gift, will be loved and appreciated by whoever you give it to. On the other hand, if it is for you, the better, because you will be able to enjoy it with great delight. 

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