Shower Gel "La chinata"
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Shower Gel "La chinata"

La Chinata bath gel

A thick and smooth pearly gel with a characteristic olive aroma, this bath gel with olive oil is ideal for daily use, providing hydration and toning to the skin in each shower

There are many qualities that make olive oil an excellent ally for the health of body tissues.

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Shower Gel "La chinata"

This shower gel is a thick pearly green gel with characteristic olive aroma, well suited for frequent use. The contained olive oil moisturizes and invigorates the skin during every shower.

Olive oil has many benificial properties for skin and body:

· It's a rich source of essential fatty acids, helping to restore the natural moisture level of the skin.
· The principal component of olive oil, oleic acid, is an integral part of cell membranes and skin.
· Olive oil has a soothing and softening effect on skin and it's even used for therapuetic massages.
· It has a noticable tonifying effect on the upper skin.
· It protects the skin against external factors and preserves the integral structure of the dermis, allowing better regeneration and enhanced skin firmness.

Contents: 500 ml.

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